Roofing Technology of the 20th Century

The Best Roofing Technology of the 20th Century

Thanks to the many advancements in technology, Roofing has become an easier task for many. What was once a back breaking and tedious task can now be done in minutes and often without much physical force.

From aerial imaging technology to better robotics and equipment, the roofing industry has seen some great improvements.

Roofing aerial image

Aerial Rooftop Imagery

It seems that the days were a roofing estimator had to get his/her trusty ladder to climb on top of a rooftop for roof measurements are slowly going away. Thanks to aerial roofing imagery, such as an Eagleview, Roofing Inspectors and affordable roof installation companies alike can request very accurate aerial images of the roof in which they plan to work on. Using advanced estimation technologies and key indicators, these softwares can provide very accurate square footage measurements for inspectors to base of off.

No more risking life and limb as you stretch your body to measure a 15 foot roofing gable.

Prime Roofing Equipment

Tech improvements have allowed for the creation of ladder elevators for when taking shingles up a roof top. This greatly reduces stress and wear and tear on the body. For example, Roofers in Lake Villa IL and Hainesville IL Roofing Contractors  use elevator lifts when bringing up their work loads.


This greatly helps roofers as they are less at risk of falling of of ladders when up high with heavy material on their shoulders. As seen on the video above, it is quite easy to operate this ladder and can not only be used for roofing, but for other construction related material as well.

Roof repairs and roof installations are no longer as much pains as they were once before.

Roofing Estimate Software

Gone are the days of pen and paper estimates. With todays technological advances, roofers can take the information computers bring to write accurate estimates for their roof repair projects.

This software allow for zip code entries, for example a Hainesville Roofing company can enter zip code 60030 to average material costs in the are. Another price they can estimate are labor fees. Softwares can give roofers the average price per hour or project for their nearby location. A Lake villa roofer can charge what other roofing companies in their are are charging to stay in competition.

A Roofers Paradise

Thanks to 20th century technology, it really is less of a pain to do roofing work. From accurate aerial images, to efficient machinery and softwares, roofers everywhere can call this a win for the industry.